CRX Viewer

Open and view .crx file online, download directly from Chrome Web Store

What Can Do acts as online Extractor, source code Viewer, file Converter and Downloader for Browser Extension(.crx/.xpi/.nex) - helps you extract, view, convert and download all kinds of browsers(Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera) extension/add-ons.

extract, view and download Firefox Add-ons(.xpi)

View Source Code Online

View source code(demo: view the source code of a Chrome .crx file) of any Chrome extensions, Firefox add-ons, Opera add-ons, Microsoft Edge Add-ons(.crx/.nex/.xpi) from the Chrome Web Store or the corresponding browser extension/add-on/plugin marketplace, without installing it.

extract, view and download Microsoft Edge Add-ons(.crx)

Download Browser Extension Files

With the help of, you can easily get the extension files(demo: download a Chrome .crx file) of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera as their original format(.crx/.nex/.xpi), or as a .zip file by clicking the Download button, and then you can easily install offline.

extract, view and download Opera Add-ons(.crx)

Open and View Local Files

You can not only select to upload a .crx/.nex/.xpi file from your disk to unzip, open and view source code online, but also upload or drag in any .zip/.docx/.xlsx/.pptx file to extract and view source codes. In addition, you can always convert the extension file to a .zip file.

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Powerful File Viewer & Code Reader

After the extension file has been extracted, the in-built File/Code Viewer empowers you with a better reading experience, including Automatic Code Beautification/Formatting, Syntax Highlighting, Image Preview, File Hashing(md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512), and many other powerful functionalities.